Volunteer Service Opportunity

for Foreign Teachers


Frontline Christian Academy, Inc., in line with its values of __, is opening the opportunity for teacher volunteers to spend a year (12-month period) in the Philippines, serving at the school and in various ministry activities of Philippine Frontline Ministries.

  • To give the volunteers the opportunity to engage in medium to long term service in a mission context, and to learn about the Philippine culture in education and other settings.
  • To build the confidence and skill of FCA students in using the English language through exposure and daily communication with more teachers whose first language is English.
  • To provide other ministry opportunities for the volunteers, such as feeding programs, compassion ministries, church planting and development events, and exposure to missional business enterprise.
  • To add value to the educational offerings of FCA by promoting a school culture that is culturally diverse.
  • To contribute to a more sustainable and financially sound business plan by providing much needed teaching support to the faculty while not adding to the financial burden of the school.

Time Period

  • The scholarship program would provide funding for the schooh3ng costs of qualified students, who maintain a certain GPA as well as adhere to the school’s Code of Conduct. The scholarship would be in force for as long as the student meets all requirements and guidelines.

Room and Board

  • Daily food/meal arrangements would be established with one of the families living at the mission center. All personal expenses (groceries, shopping, transportation for leisure trips, dining out, visitor visa extensions, etc.) must be covered by the volunteer. For more information about costs, please send us an email at rhoda.pessina@fca.edu.ph You can also contact us at www.facebook.com/frontlinechristianacademy

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must have teaching experience, or have taken college courses (preferably graduate, or nearing graduation) in the field of education (completed courses and teaching experience is a plus).
  • Must have teaching experience, or have taken college courses (preferably graduate, or nearing graduation) in the field of education (completed courses and teaching experience is a plus).
  • Must have a recommendation from one pastor, and one Christian friend, neither of whom are relatives.
  • Should be flexible, low maintenance, self motivated, and a committed Christ-follower.
  • Must fill out the online application form and submit on or before March 10th of the current year. Must arrive on or before June 1st of the service year.
  • English should be your first language, or English fluency must be very high.
  • Must pass the online exam (English grammar and philosophical views).

Other Ministry Opportunities

  • Tutoring children at the Face the Children child care center (Face the Children/FTC) after school hours
  • Feeding programs (6-7 times per week at various locations)
  • Hospital Visits (for compassionate care ministry)
  • Small group involvement Church Services (there are 18 campuses) on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Small group involvement
  • Outreaches, house churches
  • Other opportunities may present depending on the individual’s giftings and skills

Minimum Qualifications

  • Though various ministry opportunities are possible at Frontline, serving at Frontline Christian Academy, Inc. must be the primary focus of the volunteer. Being a teacher here will most likely mean being at the school every day. School days are generally from 7:15 AM to 3:30 PM. Bus rides are provided to and from the ministry residential center.
  • For Subject Teachers: A teacher’s schedule will be provided during the summer months, as well as the material/curriculum. This is what must be used in classes. All record books and textbooks will be provided, although research is still encouraged, to look for creative ways of teaching and reference materials.
  • For Teachers Aides: Teacher’s Aides will closely assist their supervisors. Most of the time this involves helping to control the classroom environment, assisting the children with individual and group activities, helping to maintain the cleanliness of the room, and assisting in organizing learning materials and class activities. They must be at the school 20 minutes before the start of their first class.
  • Must be willing to be of help to the management of FCA if needed; for example, organizing events, decorating venues for school gatherings, etc.