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1. Q: What makes you different?

A: One of our key focus areas is Social Emotional Learning (in partnership with a US Youth Leadership organization: “Growing Leaders”), mentoring, and leadership development. We believe this is something that our young people need, especially in such challenging and unprecedented global times. We also prioritize the holistic development and wellbeing of our students, their families, and our staff and faculty, providing periodic group counseling sessions for parents and students with a PRC-registered Guidance Counselor. We provide genuinely caring support for families, and host monthly Parenting Peer Groups (PPGs), which are gatherings (online/virtual if in-person is not possible) of small groups of parents to provide moral support and academic support to one another. FCA accepts students from diverse backgrounds, religions, and walks of life. Our primary language used for teaching and communication is the English language, except for the subjects of Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, and certain topics under Home Economics and Livelihood Education/Technology and Livelihood Education. We also put a high value on real-life skills, working hard to prepare students for life after and outside school.

2. Q: What are your Core Values?

A: FCA’s Core Values are:

  • Christ-centeredness: We regard the Bible as the highest authority on morality and spirituality. Our curriculum is Bible-based and our desire is that all who enter the doors of FCA will be impacted to become more Christ-like.
  • Genuine Care and Love for People: The Scriptures command us to “…love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind,” and to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We genuinely love and care for each other, our students, and their families, our donors, partners, and all stakeholders… and desire for them to walk in the fullness of the promise of abundant life. This desire drives us to pursue exceptional customer service and high client satisfaction. We also genuinely love and care for our employees. We aim to be a fun and meaningful place to work, and to provide a conducive environment that encourages collaboration of all stakeholders.
  • Academic excellence: We desire to produce learners who are academically competent, able to be globally competitive, and who are critical, strategic thinkers.
  • Leadership with Integrity: We desire to be a school that influences its people to become leaders of integrity – individuals who are honest, consistent, trustworthy, and governed by a moral compass.
  • Real-life skills: We believe in preparing our students for life after formal schooling, and inculcating in them a strong work ethic, a passion for excellence, and real-life skills such as communication and critical thinking, as well as practical knowledge for daily life.

3. Q: What are the fees and payment schemes?


  • Average Annual Fees for Pre-Elementary range from ₱26,000-₱37,000
  • Average Annual Fees for Elementary range from ₱39,000-₱42,000
  • Average Annual Fees for Junior Highschool range from ₱45,000-₱46,000
  • Payment schemes are flexible – installment plans are available. You can contact our finance office for special arrangements or plans.
  • Click here for more details. We accommodate online payments, bank transfers, gcash, and credit/debit cards via online
    payment links.

4. Q: Do you have any promotions or discounts?

A:Yes, we do. Click here.

5. Q: When do classes start for SY 2022-2023?

A: August 22, 2022


1. Q: What curriculum, books, and learning platform do you use?

A: FCA follows the K-12 Curriculum of the Department of Education, and integrates its core values. Many of our books are shipped from the USA, and modules are also printed by the school. FCA does its best to not overload its students; the amount of work assigned is very doable, as long as the student can focus during class times and is given support by his/her family. For assigning online tasks, FCA uses Google Classroom, and the Google Suite for Education. Click here for a quick introduction and tutorial.

2. Q: How do you keep classes interesting and meaningful?

A: We acknowledge that most of today’s students are visual learners. We make use of fun videos, colorful slides, and other interesting resources and do our best to keep students engaged. Our teachers are skilled, and attend regular training and seminars to keep their teaching strategies relevant and effective.

3. Q: Do new students need to take any entrance exams?

A: Yes, and the exams depend on the student’s grade level. For Pre-Elementary levels, and Grades 1, 2, and 3, a basic reading and numeracy assessment is done by the Department supervisor. For Grades 4-10, there are the following:

  • Logic Exam (Can be sent and accomplished online)
  • Basic Language and Math Skills (scheduled in-person or via 1-on-1 video call)
  • Grit Scale (Can be sent and accomplished online. Grades 6-10 only)

4. Q: What learning modalities do you offer?

A: FCA offers Face-to-Face Classes, and is applying for a Homeschooling Program under DepEd.

  • Face-to-Face Classes for levels K-12 will be 3-4 days per week until October 21, 2022. Starting November 2022, mentioned levels will transition to 5-day in-person classes, in observance of DepEd Order No. 34, s. 2022.
  • Homeschooling Program: Still under application.

5. Q: Do you accept students with special needs?

A: Yes, if the parent/guardian can provide a certificate, letter, or recommendation from the child’s behavioral psychologist that the student is recommended for attendance to a regular school.

6. Q: Do the students have to wear uniforms during online class and in-person classes?

A: Yes, they will have to wear their uniforms.

7. Q: What do I need to do as a parent to prepare my child for this school year?

  • You’ll need to set up a space at home that can be designated as the student’s learning area.
  • Until October 31, 2022, FCA will be implementing Blended Learning. Kindly refer to Google Meet – Technical Requirements, kindly look into the Hardware and Network Requirements portion of the page.
  • You will also need to provide a suitable laptop and/or tablet for your student to use. Some highschool students prefer using their smartphones, but we don’t recommend it. The screens are too small and proper typing skills are not practiced (Although, for watching educational videos they usually suffice).
  • Please note that most HUAWEI devices are not suitable for Google Workspace since these devices cannot download or access Google Play/Google Play Store (Google’s primary apps download center).
  • While using a desktop or laptop, you may test your webcam, microphone and general connectivity with Google Meet by clicking on ‘New Meeting > Start an Instant Meeting’. Make sure that you are logged in with your Gmail account to access the web app. You will be prompted to allow the use of your microphone and camera, kindly click ‘Yes’ or ‘Allow’. If you are using an android device, an application of the same name is available at the Play Store.
  • Click HERE to view the needed school supplies per level.

8. Q: Do you offer tutorials?

A: Yes, we do. Our academic head aligns students with available tutors. Tutorial rate for SY 2022-2023 is P150.00 per hour.

9. Q: Do you offer transportation services?

A: Yes. We have transportation services, and rates depend on the pick-up and drop-off locations. Click here for current SY rates.

For any further questions, please contact us at the provided numbers or email address.

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