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Thankful for the Opportunity I’ve Been Given!

Posted last:April 23, 2020 by monmon

Marilyn Alad is a graduating student at our school Frontline Christian Academy, Inc. (FCA). She’s been enrolled in FCA for four years, and has become a top performer in her class. The second of nine children, she grew up in a very poor family living in an abandoned, rusted out boxcar. Though she managed to attend public school, she had to drop out in fifth grade to find work and help provide for her family.

One day she met Frontline at the Face the Children (FTC) center near the city market. As the plight of her family became known, she and two of her younger siblings were taken into the FTC program, where they were given shelter, food, clothing, and love; and Marilyn was very happy. A few months later however, Marilyn was pressured to leave FTC to help her family, and her younger siblings wanted to go back to the parents. Knowing the hardships they would be facing again, she reluctantly left. After some time however, she came back and expressed a desire to go to school.

Shortly thereafter she again came into the full time care of the FTC program, and has flourished ever since. She’s now a great student, and dreams of becoming an architect! Marilyn says, “I used to envy the freedom of the other teens my age, roaming the streets with no restrictions. But when I took a closer look at their lives, their decrepit homes, and meager scraps of food, I realized I was the one with freedom; freedom to live, to be loved, to have a good education and a better future. I’m thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given.” As I listened, I felt her speak with a maturity that comes from one who has considered outcomes.

“Then one day a friend of mine invited me to a house where he claimed there was free food. I went along and found the people there were Christians, and the house had a sign saying Face the Children. That’s where I started to hear the Word of God, and for the first time began thinking about changing my life.”

She has seen the results of people around her who have chosen either a life focused on the Lord, or a life of careless, and so-¬‐called, freedom.Recently Marilyn explained how our teachers often interrupt class to share the love and Word of God with the students, and how this has encouraged her to remain focused on the opportunity God her. She is very determined and motivated to achieve her goal of finishing college and pursue a degree in architecture.

This year, Marilyn Alad is graduating from High School with flying colors at Frontline Christian Academy. Now, she is a step closer to her dream of becoming an architect and achieving her goals in life. Way to go Marilyn, congratulations!!!

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