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Because Of What We Stand For

Posted last:April 23, 2020 by monmon

“I came to FCA fresh out of college, applying as a computer teacher. It was my first job interview, and I was certainly on the nervous side. Dressed in my neat, smart casual attire, I was interviewed at the FCA office, and, besting several other applicants, I got the job.

“During my second year at FCA, my family went through problem after problem. My parents regularly fought and argued in the home. My father ended up in a court case, forcing us to be separated from him. He had to move away for fear of possibly losing his life. I kept getting sick. My sibling had problems and couldn’t graduate college as soon as planned. I was drained, physically and emotionally. In September of 2015, I officially submitted my resignation letter to FCA and decided that I needed a higher paying job; particularly one that would put some physical distance between myself and the problems of my family life. I tearfully told the administrator at FCA that I had lost my love for teaching, and my passion was gone. I couldn’t exactly explain why. It wasn’t because of anything that the school had done; something was messed up inside of me. I felt lost.

“I spoke with some trusted friends (some worked at FCA) and they encouraged me, and prayed for me. And then something began to happen… It felt like something in my heart was changing. Like God was moving.

“As the end of the school year neared, my heart grew heavy with the approaching supposed end of my contract and time at FCA. I began to feel at unease with resigning. And when the last day came, I didn’t have the heart to say goodbye to the students who asked if they’d see me again next year.

“I spoke one evening with our administrator, and said “God has been doing something in my heart. I feel like He has been telling me… ‘Yanna, you make all these plans. But where am I in these plans of yours? Have you even considered Me?’” She told me to pray about it, and to ask God to give me peace to pursue what His Will was for my life.

“The school isn’t perfect, and we go through our own ups and downs. But at the end of the day, I am privileged to be a part of a school that I can say I truly love, and believe in what it stands for.”

“Now, we are halfway through my third year here at FCA, and I am very blessed and happy that I have the opportunity to be here. My faith has been strengthened, and I particularly like the faculty and staff devotions we have every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Those times are so refreshing; they are a time of sharing, of pouring your heart out to people whom you know really care about you, and about sharing your life experiences with my workmates. I have become closer to the Lord since I started at FCA; sometimes my friends make fun of me because they say I talk differently. When they talk to me about problems, I tell them to seek God and to pray about it. They find that strange. I must have been a different person back then. 🙂

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