The student population is divided into several groups; Junior High School members of each group present and defend their business plan to a panel of judges who critique their concept. Elementary members of the group help to prepare the products for sale, and encourage potential customers to visit their booth. One to two teachers are assigned as advisers for each group. The group also prepares “infomercials” to promote their products or services on social media, and practice real-life marketing skills. The panel of judges was impressed with the confidence that the students presented their business ideas; many sounded like professionals!

Most of the groups decided to sell healthy and affordable food products. Group 2, under Ms. Sharon Beladas (a back-to-back achievement; she also led the former year’s group to victory!), was awarded “Overall Best Business Venture,” garnering a score of 88.50. This award is based on the following: Net Profit, Business Plan Presentation, Marketing and Advertisement, and Actual Product. In second place was the team under Ms. Lopez, with a score of 86.10. The dishes “Fried Chicken Feet” and “Tofu Sisig” won Best Product, under the leadership of Ms. Janine Katigbak. Ms. Joji Mercado’s team won “Best Business Presentation”; their students presented to the panel with all the pizzazz and gusto that any professional marketer would! Students, parents, teachers, and many others thoroughly enjoyed this event!