The teachers and staff of Frontline Christian Academy worked very hard for this event. The FCA student dance troupe performed exciting dances, and the school band rocked the house with some song numbers. The audience was thrilled! Guest performer Chlara, a rising Spotify artist, serenaded San Pablenos with her soothing voice and heartwarming songs, many written as a product of her own ups and downs in life.

Another remarkable performance was from “Lady Gagi” aka Mrs. Rhoda Lynn P. Dayo, FCA school director. She sang “Shallow” by Lady Gaga, complete with pink hair and rocker outfit! Unrecognized by many, the audience was wowed by the powerful song number.

The crowd went wild when Silent Sanctuary finally showed up. The audience jumped, danced, and sang along with well-loved hits of the band. The energy in the stadium was contagious! VIP ticket holders got a chance to meet and greet the guest artists backstage after the event–a real treat!